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Migraine Management Specialist. 

I will help you build resilience & confidence to be consistent and achieve transformation unlocking your potential for achieving outstanding outcomes. From our very first session you will walk away with two tools to transform your life! 


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I specialise in working with busy people who are stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed, but still driven to succeed. I am also a qualified Migraine Therapist and work with MIGRAINE SUFFERERS coaching them to live much better quality lives moving from migraine victim to migraine overcomer. This is achieved through mindset coaching, education and knowledge around the condition, and lifestyle adjustments. If you would like details of my exciting new  migraine management coaching package aimed at helping you take control of your health, send an email now to

I have a passion for writing and published my first book Evidence for Conviction last October (genre Christian Apologetics) I can help Christian Professionals in the area of spiritual growth and revival. If you are a Christian why not download my Wheel of Spiritual Life pdf further along on my site and complete a fun and potentially insightful exercise.  Also if you are a Christian interested in Spiritual growth, do email me today and I will sent you my ebook Seven Keys for Spiritual Growth and Revival (The coaching questions will trigger some great spiritual reflections) 

If you are a budding writer and would like help towards your goal of book publication ask about my coaching package to help you achieve this dream. Email

I can assist career development and breakthrough, whether you suffer from migraines, are a Christian, or neither.

As a retired police detective I will leave no stone unturned in helping my clients tap into their own potential for success in whatever their goals are, becoming the very best version of themselves.

I would love to speak with YOU about your goals, passions and ambitions, then helping you to close the gap between where you are today and where to want to be in the future. To paraphrase Neil Armstrong's iconic words, "One small step today, can be one giant leap towards where you want to be in future. So go on, take that small step and send me an email let's start a conversation. I'll even throw in a discovery session for FREE! 


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career change or promotion

Complete the wheel of spiritual life activity

Simply reflect on each area of your spiritual life and give yourself an honest score on how you are doing in each area.

My mission is to champion personal growth

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A quick video I have produced introducing a simple and effective method for following Goals through. First in a series of short series of recordings on GOALS.

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"During the past weeks of coaching, Randal helped me to build my confidence, enabling me to achieve my shorter-term career goals faster and help me move closer to achieving the overall goal of being a great manager.
Randal's profound coaching style (empowering questioning skills, active listening and empathy) enthusiasm, positive and relaxed manner has challenged and transformed my thinking from the very first session".


Team Leader

"Randal has helped me progress with several goals over five coaching sessions relating to my social life, professional life and general way of doing things. Most importantly though, he has helped raise my awareness of an underlying theme and pattern of behaviour across all aspects of my life which can hold me back from realising my full potential".



"As the sessions have progressed I feel I've been equipped with tools to set goals and accomplish them. I no longer see failures as reasons to stop doing something, but a reason to get organised, make sure the goal was achievable and then write down a plan for attaining it. Randal has a positive attitude and an infectious ability to praise the small wins in life".


"The most helpful aspect of Randall coaching me has been his ability to ask the right questions that make me think about the obstacles that could stall my plan. He does it in an encouraging way, with ease and a genuine desire to see me achieve my goal. Randall's positivity is inspiring and infectious. Randall genuinely wants to see his clients do well and achieve their goals. He is a good listener and gets his clients focused. He is a good motivator and an inspiring person."


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I aim to work with each client empowering them to finding the key to unlocking their own potential to achieve the success they desire.

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Your health is the most important area of your life. No matter how much success you achieve in career, business or any other legacy you strive to build, poor health will limit your ability to enjoy your success. Through Health Coaching you can manage your existing health conditions, whether it's suffering from chronic headaches, stress related illness, poor fitness, IBS. Through Health Coaching, whatever the problem - no stone is left unturned.

Your diet, your sleep habits, your relationships, your job, your lifestyle, everything is explored to enable you to make the adjustments you need to live the most healthy happy life you can. I have been plagued with chronic migraines most of my life, but now, my mindset has completely changed. I no longer consider myself a migraine sufferer, I am a migraine overcomer.

(For information on my next Wellness Seminar focusing on eradicating migraines from your weekly routine email your request to

Spiritual growth does not happen by accident.

This is an area where you will most definitely reap the benefits of what you sow.

Are you feeling like you lack faith? Are you stuck in a rut and struggling with the same old character issues?

Do you want to read the Bible but not sure where to start? Perhaps you are even questioning what you believe. Are you a church leader but feel that you lack leadership skills?

These are all areas where coaching can have a transformational impact on your personal growth. A small spark can start a mighty fire and your growth can permeate through other Christians you meet.

One of my great passions is Christian Apologetics. For details of my book Evidence for Conviction (a detective examines the evidence for the Christian faith) click here

Are you happy in your current job? Could you flourish more doing something else? What is holding you back from trying?

Many people stick in the same old job because of fear rather than through job satisfaction. “Needs must” you say and the bills must be paid!

This is unfortunate, as we spend more time at work than at any other activity, why not be happy with what you do? Through coaching you can gain clarity about what you want to achieve with your career. You can identify any self limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and then build confidence as you become proactive working towards your career goals.

(For information on my next Career Development seminar, email your request to