Meet Randal Porter your Life Coach

As a former Detective I direct my enquiring mind to helping clients raise awareness of limiting beliefs as well as making the most of their personal strengths in order to achieve success. In becoming a Life Coach I have taken the aspect of Police work I enjoyed the most, speaking to people and assisting them, and turned this into a new career. I will leave no stone unturned to help a client find the key to achieving success.

I help my clients to…

Build Resilience

Achieve Spiritual Growth and Revival in their Christian faith

Plan & Manage Career Change

Overcome Procrastination

Identify limiting beliefs and work through them

Manage Stress

Improve well-being

Achieve Life goals

Grow in confidence to achieve outstanding outcomes

Be your best self

Life Coaching

I am passionate about motivating and encouraging people to reach their full potential and live the happy fulfilled lives they desire. Much of what my coaching focuses on is how to take responsibility and not to be a victim, being proactive and setting about tasks that will move you closer to achieving your desired outcomes. On a personal note – for most of my life I have considered myself a migraine sufferer. I now consider myself a migraine overcomer. The difference is subtle but telling! From the very first session with me, you will start working on never standing in your own way of success by limiting your self. Once we get out of our own way, stop procrastinating and doubting ourselves, and start working diligently and methodically towards designing our lives, we can achieve great things.

My Career

In my career I spent several years in sales and administration work notably for IBM a multinational computer company. The lion’s share of my career has been working as a police detective for 17 years. During my time as a detective I was engaged in a number of protracted serious investigations. I recently retired from the Police to concentrate on my personal development business. I have now been coaching since 2018 and full time since qualifying. Last year I added a certification in migraine therapy to my qualifications and currently do a lot of coaching and mentoring for people who struggle with migraine. Visit my domain for more information about this exciting work that I do.

Randal Porters Interests
Be your best self

My Interests

I am a family man with three adult sons and five grandchildren. I love sport and was once the track captain for Victoria Park Harriers Athletic Club in East London. Sporting analogies can sometimes find their way into my coaching sessions. I have a real sense of adventure and one achievement I am particularly proud of was to cycle the length of Great Britain in September 2008. I enjoy public speaking, something I’ve been able to develop in the context of Christian Ministry I have been a committed Christian since 1992. I am now developing this into motivational and inspirational talks on the coaching circuit, but also through my Fan Into A Flame motivational talk geared towards Churches and promoting spiritual growth. No stranger to health concerns I am currently developing ways to promote awareness around health and wellness with particular focus on Migraines and healthy nutrition.

28 Day Goals Challenge

A quick video I have produced introducing a simple and effective method for following Goals through. First in a series of short series of recordings on GOALS.

Complete the wheel of spiritual life activity

Simply reflect on each area of your spiritual life and give yourself an honest score on how you are doing in each area.

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