Evidence For Conviction by Randal Porter

A Detective’s examination into the credibility of the Christian faith

Once I began reading Evidence For Conviction, I found it hard to put down. Every free moment I had, I found myself reaching for this book. Randal has clearly written from the heart as well as a police officer filled with the Spirit of God.

Mike Smith MBE

Founder of Word For Weapons

Randal takes his Christianity seriously and this is reflected in his knowledge and study of the supporting evidence for his faith. In Evidence for Conviction Randal shares very openly from his own life and experience and produces a constructive, captivating and informative read. 

Mike Desouza

Minster of Religion

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The author

Born in Barking, living in Essex, Randal Porter is a former homicide detective and now a professionally accredited Personal Development Coach & Migraine Therapist with a passion for Christian Apologetics. Evidence for Conviction was originally penned in 2017. Randal has asked questions of the Christian faith with the same vigour that he brought into his criminal investigations, concluding that Christianity is an Evidence based faith. A family man with three sons and five grand children, Randal enjoys walks in places of natural beauty with his chocolate Labrador Blue.

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Evidence for conviction falls under the genre of Christian apologetics. Written by a former Police Detective,  who asks a lot of questions to get to the truth. The extra biblical evidence which corroborates the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts is explored. The weighty circumstantial evidence surrounding the resurrection is presented. Some compelling questions are asked. Why could the great world power that was the Roman Empire not wipe out a small group from a little province it ruled? How did that small group grow into the world’s largest religion? The credentials of the New Testament manuscripts are compared with other well known ancient writings to demonstrate that the New Testament stands head and shoulders above them all when the usual rules in textual analysis are applied.

The book was inspired by a desire to explain to those closest to him, the grounds for the Christian belief in the existence of God and why the Bible can be trusted as authentic and accurate. Essentially, Evidence For Conviction was written with two genres of people in mind. Firstly the sceptic, to demonstrate that far from being a blind faith, essentially a leap into the dark, Christianity is actually an evidence based faith. Hence in this sense it is a step out into light. Secondly for any Christian who feels that although they believe, they lack faith. Jesus once reassured his disciples that they only needed a small seed of faith in order to move a mountain.