Stress management coaching

Do you worry so much about your work or your finances that it is causing anxiety and stress?

Do you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach at the thought of returning to work on Monday morning?

This is the reality for so many people. It was certainly my reality for many years.

I found my solutions and made the big decisions that helped me design my life in such a way to manage stress and transform my mental wellbeing.

Stress Management Coaching

Stress coaching Essex

Do you feel overwhelmed with stress?

I help people who are feeling overwhelmed to energise, transform thinking into a positive mindset and grow in self confidence.

My coaching will help you to transform negative thoughts into positives, develop a transformational daily mediation practice empowering you to practice mindfulness and being present and unaffected by life pressures like never before due to the increased resilience you will develop. I also help people through the process of deciding on the steps they need to take to gain inner peace and achieve goals.

Personal Development

Build Resilience 

Stress management & life balance

Acceptance & letting go

Become your better self

About Randal Porter

I help people in two ways, either through personal coaching, or through group sessions focused on stress release and relaxation.

My 1:1 reactive meditation sessions are very popular and enable me to tailor the session around your need in that moment.

You do not have to accept feeling stressed as normal. Through daily practices of meditation and positive thinking you really can transform your life and become vibrant and energised to focus on changing your life and achieving your goals.

I help my clients to achieve


Personal development

Overcoming procrastination

Self awareness of limiting beliefs

Stress management & life balance

Increased self-confidence


Life goals

Turning Pipe dreams into reality

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